Face Contouring
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Light Lift – Thread Method Soft

Thread Method – Absorbable and non-absorbabe threads with microscopic barbs fixed from both side of needles.

The peculiarity of the thread method is that in this position the needle has one sharp point. After stuck into the required depth the needle is separated into two parts and each of them pass through hypodermic issues in necessary direction.

The result is powerful, stable and long-lasting, and what is more important, it does not require the skin incision at all. Thread Method is easy in execution, safe and gives long lasting results.

Thread Method Soft – Absorbable and non-absorbable threads with straight blunt tip hollow needles.

The renewed design of needles allows to perform thread lifting procedure a way easier and more efficiently. Needles are hollow inside and circular is dissection, their flexibility combines with exceptional strength. The new feature allows doctors to control depth of injection a way better in order to minimise effort and reduce tissues traumas.

In Pack:

  • Absorbable
  • Needle type: soft
  • Thread type: Bi-directional
  • Number of threads: 2

Application Areas

Cheekbone area

Mental area

Cheekbone area-volumization

Sub-mental area