Face Contouring
About This Project

Light Lift – Linea Method

Linea method – Absorbable mono-filament threads with barbs for soft tissue lifting and armouring.

Linea is a nonsurgical method used for effective correction of age-related changes of the face.

This absorbable mono-filament threads with barbs is implanted subcutaneously into soft tissues using a special guiding needle. Thread is left under the skin, while the needle is pulled out.

In Pack:

  • P(LA/CL) thread with barbs USP 2/0, EP3, 120mm. – 10pcs.
  • Blunt tip needle 1.1x120mm., straight – 1pcs.
  • Lancet point needle 18Gx140mm., straight – 1 pcs.
  • Removable needle attachment

Application Areas


Lower face

Mental area