Dermaconcept – All About Skin is a Greek company aiming to become the eternally loyal partner of all doctors working in the aesthetic medical field. As pointed out firstly by its name and logo, Dermaconcept focuses on addressing all possible needs regarding our body’s largest organ, the skin, through the importation, distribution and representation of the world’s most prestigious, well-established and acknowledged skin-related medical brands.

The Founders

The company’s founders and managers, Paris Giassis and Spyros Xenos, due to their personal vast experience of over 30 years in the scientific and medical field, detected the national market’s need of a new company. A company being able to offer a complete product portfolio, in order to meet the contemporary demands of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Skin Clinics in search of the most innovative, secure and scientifically superior products and therapies for their patients, and to provide all the knowledge, seminars, training, workshops and after-sales services needed in order for those products and therapies to become the precious implement for each doctor’s business to develop, expand and flourish.

Our Brands

Through representing in Greece some of the most prestigious medical brands in the world and displaying high-ethics, deep knowledge and wide experience in our field, we are proud to say that we are the silent partner that will help your medical practice become the best it could ever be, as the evolution of our clients’ business is set in the centre of our professional vision. We have the answer to your every question: the famous Aptos Threads is our answer to your patients’ need for face and body non-invasive lifting and contouring; the prestigious … fillers is our answer to any question regarding anti-aging and rejuvenation therapies; the evolutionary Dermaceutic peelings and dermocosmetics is our answer for a healthy, youthful and glowing skin; the internationally famed SRS mesotherapy   products and protocoles are our answer to the demand for effective  therapies; the well-established Dermoaroma brand is our partner for PRP  treatment.

Our Values

The core values of Dermaconcept are clear and cherished by all the members of our experienced and highly-trained team,  we share the same passions, the same ideas, the same motives: we represent only the best  medicalaesthetic brands, we use the scientific excellence and the superiority of our brands as a competitive advantage to help expand our clients’ medicalaesthetic businesses, we stand by our clients through our top after-sales services, our continuous training sessions, our leading scientific personnel, our ongoing promotion activities to help our clients communicate their new therapies and products in the most effective of ways to their patients’ network.

Dermaconcept  All About Skin is ready to share all it’s know how  it with you.